Who Are you? 

That's what your customers are thinking. 

Why make them read paragraphs of text when they don't want to? ​

Let's change that. 

Where are they all going?

My clients often say "I get lots of traffic on my website but people don't buy anything" - that's because they don't know who you are.

No one wants to read your five paragraph essay on your 'about us' page. They don't have time.

That's where I come in. I tell your story with video so your clients can get to know the real you, why you're unique & why they should buy from you. 

It's marketing done smart so you can get back to running your business.

Why I'm Different.

Hi, I'm Laundon. 

What I do: I help businesses communicate better by making videos to explain who they are. 

What I don't do: make boring corporate videos that no one wants to watch. Big corporate production companies make big corporate productions. They're also pretty boring a lot of the time. And who wants to be boring?


You're not the same as your competition, you're doing it different - so am I. I don't use cookie-cutter, copy & paste, corporate techniques to make the same thing for every client. I'm about sharing why you're unique so your customers can understand who you are & why you do what you do.



Clients I've Helped.


Scott Quayle,

Freelance Marketer

Having run my own marketing agency for the past 5 years I know the value of working with good people. I first engaged Laundon to work on a large scale project for UWA and was immediately impressed with the passion he has for the work he does. He is smart, has an eye for detail and brings an energy to the project that lifts it to a new level. Whenever a new video project comes across my desk my first call is to Laundon, I consider him a valuable asset to my business and would recommend him to anyone.

Shanny Hill

Marketing Manager

Laundon battled through broken lenses, illness, limited internet/electricity, and bad weather to produce nearly 30 professionally edited videos, 100s of high quality photos, and 100s more engaging posts for social media (increasing our following on Instagram by 30%) while traveling alongside the participants of the epic Tour d’Afrique cycling event.

Are you ready?

It's time to change the way you communicate.



P.s. when you click this link something magical happens. 

0401 100 357     //     hello@lpvisuals.com.au

Perth based, working globally.